Print on cotton

If you’re looking for a fabric for clothing or interior design purposes, cotton is the perfect option for you. House of U will help you print custom cotton fabric, resulting in a truly unique creation. Are you looking to print on cotton for your design project? Check out our assortment of fabrics to find exactly what you need.

Properties of cotton

Cotton is an organic and very versatile fabric, known for its durability. When making clothing, cotton is an ideal type of fabric to use because it’s a skin-friendly and breathable material that absorbs moisture well. Cotton will keep you feeling fresh and free throughout the day. But the fun doesn’t stop there: cotton is also very suitable for interior design purposes. From curtains and pillows to sheets and plaids, House of U will help you achieve your heart’s desire.

Washing cotton fabric

Cotton should be washed at max 40 degrees, using the anti-crease function on your washing machine. When washing it at a high temperature, there’s a chance of shrinking. Nonetheless, cotton is an easily washable and durable fabric, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy your creations for a long time!

Our cotton fabrics

House of U’s selection of cotton fabrics includes both light and heavyweight options, with white and cream base colors.

See the list below for cotton’s most important properties, neatly summed up:

How to print on cotton fabric?

House of U uses a special production process for printing on cotton fabric. After being treated to prepare it for the ink, the fabric is taken to a digital printer. All our prints are done using GOTS certified ink. After printing, the fabric is fixed and washed, allowing the ink to properly soak into the fibers of the material. Once the design is printed, the cotton is checked one last time to ensure the quality of our product, after which it will be on its way to you!

This process lets us create high-quality, digital print on cotton on our end, while you get a gorgeous, custom fabric on demand.

Your own design in print on cotton

House of U’s custom fabric printing service will help you print your own design on cotton, allowing for an endless mixing and matching of designs and fabrics. Apart from regular cotton fabrics, House of U also has an organic cotton fabric printing option, for an eco-friendlier twist.

So, how to print on cotton fabric? It’s easy! All you have to do is upload your design to our design generator and select your desired fabric. We’ll take care of the rest.

View our wide range of print on cotton fabrics

Are you looking for cotton fabrics for your project, and would you like to have your own design printed on it? House of U allows you to print on textile starting at small quantities. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our assortment of different types of cotton fabrics.

Still unsure about which fabric best suits your needs or do you have any other questions? Feel free to contact us! You can always request a print sample of your fabric of choice, so that you know exactly what you’re getting. Or order our fabric book, containing the whole extensive fabriccollection.