Gabardine fabric

Gabardine is known as "the fabric that can take rough handling" and is characterized by a densely woven twill fabric with a texture of diagonal lines. The designer of the waterproof fabric gabardine is Thomas Burberry, who invented the fabric in 1879. Other sources confirm that the name derives from the Parisian fashion house Gabartin.

Thanks to its weatherproof properties, this fabric was widely worn by polar travelers. Later, in the 1950s, cotton-based gabardine was widely used to make colorful jackets, pants and suits.

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What is gabardine fabric?

Gabardine is a fabric with a steep twill edge. That's what the distinctive diagonal lines of a twill weave are called. In gabardine fabric, the angle of this raised twill edge is between 45 and 63 degrees.

Originally, gabardine was made from wool, but blends of cotton and polyester are also commonly used as starting materials today. Gabardine has more warp threads than weft threads. The warp thread skips two weft threads and then passes under one or two weft threads. This compact structure makes the fabric waterproof and wrinkle-resistant.

Gabardine fabric properties

Gabardine is waterproof because the fabric is tightly woven. Also, the fabric is wrinkle-resistant, durable and sturdy. It has a high wearing comfort and looks very nice for suits. Our Cotton Gabardine Eco is soft and supple to the touch. Finally, gabardine is also suitable for interior design purposes, such as making pillows.

Often gabardine is seen as fabric that can only be dry cleaned. However, the care of a fabric depends on the starting material. At House of U, gabardine is made from 100% organic cotton.

Thanks to our special production process, with real dyes, you can wash your printed fabrics without any problems. For more information, you can always consult our care instructions on the website.

What is gabardine fabric used for?

Because of the properties gabardine has, this type of fabric is mostly used for suits and uniforms. Gabardine is also ideally suited for raincoats. For example, design a gabardine trench coat or gabardine pants.

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