Print your design on recycled material. That's sustainable! It is possible at House of U. We are working hard to produce clothing in a more sustainable way and we are certified to the GRS, which certified recycled material from the source to final printed fabric. For example, we have a wide range of GRS-certified fabrics on which you can print your unique design. A sustainable choice, without compromising quality or softness. From elegant and flexible fabrics for summer clothing to heavier fabrics for curtains or pillows, House of U offers a solution.

GRS: What is this?        

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international quality mark for recycled clothing. The label indicates that at least 20% of the fabric consists of recycled material. At House of U we strive that all our U-circular fabrics consists of more than 80% recycled material and all of our recycled polyester is certified to the GRS.

We are Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified, 1194575. Only the products which carry the global Recycled Standard label and claim are certified. We think it is important to work more and more with these sustainable fabrics. With this label, both our customers and ourselves know that the fabrics are manufactured in good working conditions and with maximum preservation of materials. Where fabrics would normally be thrown away, they are now recycled for reuse. In this way we limit the environmental impact of producing clothing as much as possible.

At House of U we have several fabrics with this certificate. These fabrics are within our U-Circular collection. We are happy to tell you more about these fabrics.

U-Circular, made of recycled polyester

U-Circular is a collection of House of U with a base of recycled polyester, also called Rpet. Rpet is the first step towards recycling from PET drinking bottles. These bottles become a recyclable material that can be used to produce new fashion fabrics.

Using Rpet to produce clothing fits perfectly with the vision of House of U! Waste is reused and less raw materials are needed to produce new clothing.

View our entire U-Circular collection directly in our webshop!

Recycled material applications

Within the U-Circular collection the different fabrics have different applications.

For example, we have four fabrics with a high UPF value, which makes them very suitable for swimswear or sportswear. Namely:

1. U-Circular Nautica

2. U-circular Athleisure

3. U-circular Vita

4. U-circular Vita Heavy 

Looking for a fabric for dresses, scarves or shirts? We also have four silk-look fabrics made from recycled material. Namely:

1. U-Circular Twill

2. U-Circular Silk Satin

3. U-Circular Silk Satin Heavy

4. U-Circular Silk

We also have some beautiful sustainable jersey fabrics in our collection. Perfect for shirts, sweaters and trousers.

1. U-Circular Peach Jersey

2. U-circular Peach Jersey Heavy

3. U-circular French Terry

4. U-circular Sweat Jersey

5. U-circular Corduroy Rib Stretch

Looking for interior fabrics? Have a look at these fabrics:

1. U-circular Sheer FR

2. U-circular Royal Dutch FR

3. U-circular Upholstery Trevira

4. U-circular Microfiber

Didn't find the right fabric yet? Maybe below these are perfect for you:

1. U-circular Velvetit's especially used for cushions, beach towels, suede jackets or other fashion items. 

2. U-circular Kyoto: this fabric is really suitable for flared skirts and accessories.

3. U-circular Crepe de Chineit's a lightweight sustainable fabric and has an excellent drape. 

4. U-circular Chiffon: because of its transparanecy, the fabric is perfect for scarves, but also for summerclothes and curtains.

5. U-circular Mesh: it's perfect for sportswear, leggings or lingerie. 

6. U-circular Mesh Sport: this U-circular fabric is very breathable and therefore very suitable for sportswear like shirts and shorts.

7. U-circular Habotai: this fabric is very suitable for lining or jackets

In doubt about the right fabric?

Not sure which fabric is suitable for your design? On our fabric pages you can easily order a print sample. Click on the fabric you like in our webshop and order directly. For the U-Circular Twill you already have a print sample for €2,- (excl. VAT).

You can also order a fabric book with only the sustainable textiles: our Eco Fabric Kit. In addition to GRS fabrics, it contains fabrics from the brand Lenzing, such as EcoVero and Tencel. This kit contains a total of 25 sustainable fabrics and costs only €4,99. So sustainable fabrics don't have to be expensive at all.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

Print your design on GRS fabrics

At House of U, we think sustainability is very important in the Fashion industry. That is why we have a wide range of GRS-certified fabrics and our recycled polyester supply chain is certified to the GRS. 

Our GRS fabrics are of high quality and, thanks to the versatile range in terms of structure and thickness, they can be used in a wide range of applications.

Have you made your choice? Then use our design generator to load your design. Via our practical tool you can directly have your own clothing printed online on a fabric of your choice. Already from 1 meter!

If you have any questions, please fill in our contact form below. We will get back to you soon with an answer.

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