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Your own Fashion House. The dream of every Fashion Designer. House of U is your Digital Textile Printing House for Fashion. We know how to get the richest and deepest colors from your design. We offer clear and honest advice and we are happy to help U to select the most suitable fabrics.

We offer U a complete range of beautiful exclusive and sustainable fabrics without minimum order quantity and it's so easy to order online.

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What is sublimation printing?

Sublimation printing is a popular technique for printing designs on fabric. It is a digital printing process that uses heat and pressure to transfer designs with a special ink onto (recycled) polyester or other synthetic fabrics. This printing technique is widely used in the textile industry to create permanently customized designs on apparel, sportswear, and other fabric products.

The sublimation printing process

At House of U our sublimation printing process involves four main steps:

  1. Design Creation: The first step in sublimation printing is to create the design that will be printed on the fabric. This can be done using graphic design software or by hand.
  2. Printing: The second step is to print the design using a sublimation printer. The printer uses sublimation ink to print the design onto transfer paper.
  3. Heat and Pressure Transfer: The third step is to transfer the design from the transfer paper onto the fabric. This is done using a heat press, which applies heat and pressure to the transfer paper and fabric. When the ink is heated, it turns into gas and penetrates the fibers of the fabric, creating a permanent bond.
  4. Quality Check: The final step is to check if the sublimation fabric with the design meets the high-standards that House of U promises. When we think the outcome doesn’t meet our standards, then we will do it all over to have the perfect end result.


Design Creation                                       Heat & Pressure Transfer                         Quality Check

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