Custom satin fabric printing

Satin fabric is one of the most beautiful materials for your clothing and interior collection. Because of its glossy feel and luxurious look, satin is the perfect material for the most beautiful evening dresses, elegant linen, or to decorate weddings. You can apply your unique design to create something special by printing on satin fabric.

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How is satin made?

Satin is actually not a fabric but a weaving technique. With this technique, four weft yarns run over a warp yarn. With a fine weave, the surface can be made to look as smooth and seamless as possible. You can hardly tell that the material is woven. The result is more than luxurious, easy to drape, and wrinkle-resistant. Satin fabric is also flexible and durable, making it ideal for printing custom designs. At House of U, we can print satin fabric by the yard, in the quantity you need with a unique print.

The woven result can be either cotton satin fabric or polyester satin fabric. It feels smooth and has a supple fit. The shiny surface and fine weaving combine to make both types of satin easy to print on.

Satin is exceptional at showing minor details of your design beautifully. In addition, custom fabric printing is also very practical. Shirts with your design are comfortable to wear, absorb moisture quickly and do not require ironing after washing.

The uses of satin fabric

Are you wondering about the uses of custom satin fabric? How about:

  • (Evening) dresses and wedding dresses
  • Lingerie
  • Linen
  • Accessories
  • Decoration

Are you printing on satin fabric?

Are you looking for printed satin fabric for your design? House of U has a wide range of materials for custom printing. Are you wondering which type of satin would fit your design best? The kind of fabric used to weave satin makes a difference. What works best for you depends on what you want to make. Cotton Satin Deco is excellent for printing photos, while Silk satin will create the most comfortable and beautiful lingerie. It’s often difficult to find out what material is used to weave satin. That’s why we always mention the materials used on our product pages.    

Are you considering printing on satin fabric? Think about what your product needs to do. Do you want to make a dress that’s both airy and absorbs moisture? Then a silk satin material works best for you. Is it linen you want to print? Then you might want to consider cotton satin. Cotton satin feels soft to the touch and is a more affordable material.

Upload your design, choose the fabric you want to print your design on, and we’ll make sure your design becomes a reality. You’ll turn every project into something unique, whatever you want to create, by printing on satin fabric!

Get started with printing on satin

Do you prefer to see and feel our fabrics before printing your own design? Then, request our Fabric book and Eco Fabric Kit to learn more or order only our Eco Fabric Kit to receive fabric sample books. Also read our blog about the difference between silk and satin fabric

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