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Cotton satin is a smooth, soft and breathable fabric. Cotton satin has a subtle sheen, giving the fabric a luxurious appearance. This combined characteristics makes cotton satin the ideal fabric for bedding. Want to buy cotton sateen or have the fabric printed? Then you've come to the right place at House of U.

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What is cotton satin fabric

Cotton satin is a satin weave of cotton. The term satin does not say anything about the material (which is just cotton), but it is a weaving technique. In this weaving technique, the cotton is woven much closer together than in other cotton weaves.  

Properties of cotton satin

Cotton satin is usually made of 100% cotton and has all the same characteristics that cotton has. And many more!

Satin cotton is breathable and absorbent, just like regular cotton. However, satin cotton feels a lot smoother than regular cotton. This is due to the satin weave. In addition, cotton sateen has a subtle sheen and feels soft to the touch. The ideal fabric to sleep under!

Difference between cotton satin and satin

By the way, the name "satin" can sometimes confuse people. They think of the shiny polyester satin. The weave of this is the same as cotton satin, but it is definitely a different fabric. In addition, cotton satin shines much more subtly than polyester satin. Another advantage of cotton satin is that it feels more luxurious and fine on the skin.

What is satin cotton fabric used for?

Above we already told you that cotton sateen is the ideal fabric to sleep under. It is therefore widely used for bedding and fitted sheets. But cotton satin is also a very suitable fabric for pants and blazers. It is used for different purposes.

Cotton satin at House of U

House of U has several cotton satin fabrics in its collection. Our Cotton Satin Deco is made of 100% cotton. In addition, we have two other cotton satin fabrics. The Cotton Satin Stretch Eco: a cotton satin stretch fabric. And the Cotton Silk Satin: made of 70% cotton and 30% silk.

Ordering fabrics and having them printed at House of U

You can order all our varieties of cotton satin by the meter. Would you like to feel our fabrics first before ordering? Then order our fabric book. Within the fabric book, you will find samples of all our fabrics. In the Eco Fabric Kit you will find samples of all our sustainable fabrics. These are also easy to order online.

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