Custom Fabric Printing

There’s no better way to show off your skills than using unique fabrics, with your own custom designs printed on them! Looking for a how to on custom fabric printing? Do you have an interesting pattern at the ready and want to print your own fabric? Look no further than our extensive range of fabrics, where you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

Our fabrics

Make mixing and matching easier for yourself by creating your own collection of custom printed fabrics. Whether you’re a fashion designer, a hobbyist or looking to promote something, House of U’s digital fabric printing services will help you look good and feel good in your own designs.

By offering a broad assortment of fabrics, House of U will make your design look the best it can. No two fabrics are the same: not every fabric fits each design. Custom fabric printing is an artform in and of itself! From cotton to silk, from linen to polyester – endless possibilities for your limitless creativity.

These combinations of print on demand fabrics and designs will make it easy to create the most gorgeous products. Linen, for example, is a sustainable fabric and perfect for indoor and outdoor fashion, making it a great option for a beautiful coat or for costumes. Are you instead looking into digital fabric printing for interior design purposes? Then cotton would be your best option.

Textile and fabric printing at House of U

No matter what fabric you prefer, our state-of-the-art printers and considerable experience with digital printing on fabric will help ensure that your custom design is transposed onto any fabric. The quality and exclusivity of our products is of the highest importance to us, so we offer custom printed fabric by the yard, custom fabric printing wholesale, and without a minimum order quantity.

If you’re unsure which fabric you’d prefer, you can easily request a print sample from our online store. Or order our fabric book which includes our entire collection. We’re also always happy to advise you on all the possibilities of our fabric printing services.

Types of fabric for custom fabric printing

We offer various types of fabric for custom textile printing. Have you ever thought about:

View and order our fabrics online

Are you excited to start printing your own unique fabrics inspired by our collection? View our extensive catalogue of fabrics and effortlessly order your selection in our web store. You will find the finest, sustainable materials. We choose to work with durable, long-lasting materials; because beautiful fashion that is also kind to our planet, makes for a double-win.

Creating your own personalized fabric has never been easier! Use our design generator to upload your design and select your desired textiles. How much does it cost to print custom fabrics? That depends on your specific needs. Check out the fabric pages for price indications.

If you have any questions about custom fabric printing, the process or the costs, please contact us, free of obligation! We’re always happy to help.