Printing on lining fabric

Are you looking for the perfect lining fabric to complete your new design? House of U offers a wide range of different types of lining fabrics. You may be wondering: what fabric is used for lining? What is the best lining fabric for dresses? Is there a lining fabric with stretch? And what are the most commonly used types of lining fabric for bags? We will tell you everything you need to know, so you can find the best kind of lining fabric for your project.

What is lining fabric used for?

Lining fabric is used to make clothing more wearable and comfortable, add finishing touches to clothes and furniture, and hide any imperfections that slipped through the cracks. As such, it is often a thin fabric that’s smooth and supple to the touch. Cotton, silk, polyester, and viscose are commonly used as lining fabric. Generally, these tend to be very versatile: from dress lining fabric, coat lining fabric, jacket lining fabric, suit lining fabric to lining fabric for bags or even lining fabric for curtains! Whatever you’re working on, there’s probably a kind of lining fabric that is perfect for your project.

Types of lining fabric

There are a lot of different kinds of lining fabric material, with each their own special features and applications. We’ve compiled a quick overview for you to pick whichever suits your project best:

  • Cotton lining fabric: feels very good against the skin because it’s soft and breathable. Cotton lining fabric is ideal for summer because it is moisture-wicking.
  • Polyester lining fabric: polyester is both wrinkle-free and durable. Polyester lining fabric has a beautiful sheen and is available in 100% recyclable form: it’s good for your design and the environment!
  • Silk lining fabric: has a shiny appearance and can easily add a luxurious look to your design. It’s also very suitable as a warm lining fabric for the inside of coats, bags, or curtains.
  • Rayon lining fabric: very breathable and static-free. Rayon lining fabric has a silky-soft feel and drapes well. It’s great for tops and blouses.

Because there are so many different kinds of custom lining fabric, there’s always one that will fit with what you’re working on — regardless of whether you’re looking for a stretchable fabric, an anti-static lining fabric, or a fabric with (or without) a print.

Printing on lining fabric? Let’s get started!

Are you still unsure what kind of lining fabric you’d prefer, even after reviewing the different types of lining material? You can order our Fabric Book or order our Eco Fabric Kit to receive fabric samples. Get a feel for what’s out there: that will surely make it even more easy for you to make the best decision.

After picking out your preferred lining fabric, you can make use of our custom fabric printing service to order lining fabric by the yard. Simply upload your design to our design generator, let us know what kind of fabric you want, and we will do the rest!

If you have any further questions or can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help!