The GOTS-certificate: Shortcut for ‘green’ textile

More and more sustainable designers are choosing for GOTS-certified fabrics. Not without reason, because with the GOTS label you are assured of fabrics that have been produced in an environmentally as well as socially responsible way. GOTS stands for 'Global Organic Textile Standard'. The name says it all: this is an independent quality label for organically grown fabrics. The GOTS quality label is used worldwide for clothing and textiles.

GOTS label: ecological and social conditions

Anyone wishing to carry the GOTS label of approval must meet strict conditions. Various ecological and social conditions are imposed on production, such as: no chemicals, sustainable energy supply, safe working conditions and control of the entire chain.

There are two variants of the GOTS label: 70% derived from biological material ('Made with organic') or 95% biological material ('Organic').

In order to ensure the credibility of the label, an independent organisation monitors if the requirements are pursued.

Our fabric collection with the GOTS-Certificate

Whoever follows House of U knows we have a green heart! Our textile printing factory is environmentally friendly.

We now have more than 10 different GOTS fabrics in our range, divided into five categories:

  1. Organic cotton: naturally produced without pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals.
  2. Hemp: fibre hemp grows very fast and does not need any pesticides.

Want to know more about sustainable textiles? Then read the blog article we wrote about this earlier.

This t-shirt above is made of GOTS cotton and designed by MAP: a loyal customer of House of U.

Choose for sustainability with the GOTS certificate

Do you want to produce sustainable clothing? Then print your design on one of the GOTS-certified fabrics of House of U. The inks that we use for your designs is also GOTS certified.

Upload your design directly via our design generator and select the desired fabric. Fill in all specifications and we'll get to work for you!

The system is very user-friendly, but of course we are always available for more information or advice.

Any questions? 

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