Buy Tencel fabric: Discover the benefits of sustainable textile

Print your own Tencel clothing

Warm in Winter, cool in Summer and wonderfully soft in all seasons: Tencel fabric combines comfort with durability. It is produced in an environmentally friendly way on a basis of wood pulp from eucalyptus trees (Wondering how? Read our blog article about this).

Would you like to print your design on sustainable textiles? Then don't miss out on this Tencel fabric!

What think designers of the Tencel Clothing?

Anyone who first gets acquainted with Tencel fabric is often surprised by its comfort. Tencel clothing is soft like linen and silk, but at the same time it is a strong fibre that can withstand a lot of impact.

Tencel fabric is less sensitive to bacterial growth (read: sweat) and that is, by many, much appreciated.

We often hear from designers: why is Tencel fabric no longer used? At House of U we think that's a legitimate question and that's why we like to put Tencel fabric in the spotlight.

Come and have a look!

Why buy Tencel fabric?

Tencel fabric is one of the forerunners in the search for sustainable textiles. At House of U we became a big fan, because of the many design possibilities.

Want to buy Tencel fabric? Then first take a look at the possibilities on this page. From Satin to Cotton Stretch and from Drill to Twill and Twill Light: choose the fabric that fits your design.

At House of U, printing on Tencel fabric is possible from 1 meter. Go to the design generator and upload your design!

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Want to know more about sustainable textiles?

Tencel fabric makes it easy to go for durable.

Good to know: there are more promising innovations on the market, such as Hemp and Bamboo. Earlier we wrote a blog article about that.

At House of U we follow all these developments with great interest. So keep following us for the latest insights.