Own Fabric & Customer Fabric

We can print on a fabric sent by you, but there are a number of requirements that you should take into account:

  1. From 1000 meters we can print on your fabric. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do this on a small amount of meters.
  2. The fabric can't have a width of more than 160 cm. That is the maximum width that our printers can print on. We start with a test print. With this test we can see if the fabric is suitable for digital printing. We will print a test image of House of U on this piece. This is the best way for us to judge the fabric and it gives us a first insight into how the fabric reacts. We must then further determine how the substance reacts.
  3. How does the fabric go through our production process in the right way? For this we need to make more test prints. Because the material shrinks and we have to test the fabric, we can never deliver 1000 meters when a customer supplies us 1000 meters. This means that you have to supply more meters than you want to have printed.