Twill fabric

Are you looking to buy twill fabric online? Then you’re participating in one of the oldest, still ongoing fabric trades in history. Twill technically isn’t a fabric, but a weave – a way of processing threads – and it has a rich and storied history. So, if you’re looking for a place to continue this tradition and print twill fabric by the yard, then House of U has got you covered. For twill print fabric too!

What kind of fabric is twill?

So what is twill fabric? Twill fabric is not a kind of fabric per se, but a way of weaving threads. You’ve probably encountered it before: denim, for example, is a twill weave. It’s characterized by a diagonal line running through the fabric, as opposed to most other weaves.

Originally, twill is made with cotton fibers, but it can be made using most fabrics. As such, the properties of twill vary from fiber to fiber, but there as some aspects all twill has in common. It tends to have a high thread count, for example, which is what makes it such a popular fabric! It’s very durable and doesn’t tear easily or wrinkle all that much. It can also hide a stain (or two…) if you’re looking to use it in a more productive environment.

What types of twill does House of U have?

Twill fabric is what we’re here for, and we carry more than one variety. Here’s a handy little overview of our twill fabrics and their benefits.

Cotton twill fabric: cotton is a very breathable and durable fiber, and one twill is traditionally made with. It feels nice to wear and can be used for both summer and winter clothes. Additionally, cotton twill is a great choice for any upholstery or curtains.

Polyester twill fabric: polyester retains most of twill’s best properties and adds one of its own – its stretchiness. It also feels a lot silkier than most other kinds of twill and traps moisture. Although this might sound unattractive for clothing, it can be great for any outdoor clothing like hiking gear! Plus, outdoor furniture upholstery and some curtains could always use a little water resistance.

Tencel twill fabric: Tencel is a great semi-synthetic, sustainable fiber which is soft to the touch, drapes well – like most synthetic fibers – and still feels breathable and wicks moisture. It’s the best of both worlds! Tencel twill works well for shirts, dresses, and wide pants. Curtains also really benefit from how easy to drape Tencel is.

Buy European twill fabric at House of U

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of twill, you might be wondering where to buy twill fabric? House of U’s got you covered! Whether you’re looking for a printed twill fabric with a regular fiber or a more sustainable option like U-circular twill, we will provide for your needs.

Just upload your design to our design generator, select your preferred (twill) fabric, and we’ll do the rest. If you want to feel the fabric before you print on it, you’re more than welcome to look at our Eco Fabric kit or fabric book.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any unanswered questions or if you’re looking for some tips. We’re happy to help!