Printing on stretch fabric

Stretch fabric has fine properties: it is comfortable, it stretches well and makes clothes fit nicely to the body. No wonder many designers use this stretch fabric.

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What is stretch fabric?

Stretch fabric is a blend to which elastane has been added. In other words, a blend. There are different kinds of stretch fabric. There are many different stretch blends, such as stretch cotton, stretch satin or polyester stretch fabric. Plenty to choose from!

So if you are wondering which fabrics have stretch, there is no direct answer. A fabric like cotton is not by itself a stretch fabric. However, it is possible to add stretch to the fabric, making it a stretch fabric. In this case, it becomes a blend.

Popular blends are:

  • Cotton and elastane
  • Polyester and elastane
  • Satin and elastane

What types of stretch fabrics are available at House of U?

In our range of stretch fabrics you will find different compositions of cotton stretch and recycled polyester (Rpet) stretch. Perfect for your clothing design, but also suitable to use as stretch furniture fabric. For example, to cover sofas, chairs or armchairs.

Are you looking for a supple fabric that does not crease? Then the U-circular Vita is an interesting option. This blend of Rpet (recycled polyester) and elastane falls smoothly around the body and does not crease. This makes the fabric ideal for designing dresses, blouses, t-shirts or swimwear.

Another fine stretch fabric from our range is the U-circular Vita Heavy. This thick stretch fabric (280 gr/m2) is supple and has a beautiful sheen. Because the Vita Heavy is a bit thicker, this stretch fabric is ideal for pants, fitted dresses, tops or theater wear.

Design your own stretch fabric

As with all our fabrics, design your stretch fabric all by yourself. Whether you want a basic black stretch fabric or a unique stretch fabric with a print. At House of U, you decide what your design will look like and you can easily order your fabrics online.

Are you curious how we print our fabrics? Watch the video of our production process and we will show you how we guarantee the right quality.

Getting started with your design

Want to get started right away? Upload your design in the design generator and order your fabrics directly online. Want to see and feel our fabrics in real life first? Order our fabric book: a book with samples of all fabrics in our collection.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you choose the best fabrics for your design!