Stretch polyester fabric

Stretch polyester fabric is a poly blend, mixed with elastane. It makes the fabric comfortable to move around in: perfect for when you’re designing sportswear, swimwear, dresses, and tops.

House of U’s polyester stretch isn’t just any other polyester stretch, though. It’s almost made completely out of recycled PET bottles! Would you like to purchase some stretch polyester fabric by the yard? House of U’s got you covered: pick your favorite fabric, add your design, and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you!

Is Polyester Fabric Stretchy by nature?

This all sounds great, but polyester isn’t actually stretchy by nature. House of U’s polyester is a poly blend; during production, the polyester fibers were mixed with elastane fibers, giving it its signature stretchiness. You might have heard people talk about polyester elastane fabric or spandex polyester fabric stretch: this is the same thing.

What are the properties of Stretch polyester fabric

Stretch polyester fabric is widely used in fashion, because it doesn’t wear out quickly, is colorfast, and wrinkle-free. All this makes our particular poly blend great for a multitude of purposes.

It doesn’t just look good either: it’s a very practical fabric. Because of its stretchiness, stretch polyester fabric is ideal for any sports- or swimwear. This kind of fabric doesn’t retain moisture and dries quickly – as opposed to fabrics like cotton.

If you’re looking to get hot and sweaty, you’d probably best be off doing it wearing stretch polyester fabric. Plus, it’s machine washable and will hold its shape in high temperatures, to sweeten the deal even more.

Is polyester stretch fabric breathable?

It is often thought that polyester stretch fabric is not breathable. But polyester is actually a breathable fabric. Polyester does not absorb moisture, but sends it outside. This way, the moisture evaporates without leaving any stains. So you will not get cold on hot days. Sweating through and in polyester fabrics does therefore not happen. 

What is the fabric used for?

Because this fabric’s so stretchy, it’s often used when making clothes that need to be comfortable and drape well (and snugly) around bodies. Think of garments like dresses, swimwear, dancewear, leggings, and T-shirts. Plus sportswear, of course!

Washing instructions for stretch polyester fabric

This fabric is one of the easiest fabrics to wash! Put it in your washing machine, set it to 40 degrees Celsius – or 104 Fahrenheit – add your normal detergent, and sit back to watch it do the work.

You can put polyester in your dryer at low temperatures, but that’s unnecessary. Polyester is hydrophobic by nature, meaning it’ll dry out quickly! Plus, hanging polyester clothes to dry them saves energy costs and reduces the number of creases in the fabric.

What stretchy Polyester Fabrics does House of U have?

If you’re looking for polyester stretch eco-friendly fabric, then you’re in luck: all of House of U’s stretch polyester is made using recycled polyester (or Rpet). It makes these fabrics not just great to wear, but also great for the environment!

After these PET bottles have been turned into fibers, they’re processed into fabric. But not just any fabric: stretch polyester jersey fabric. The polyester and elastane fibers are woven into a jersey weave, adding to its stretchiness and making it lightweight.

Are you interested in adding your design onto the fabric? Custom fabric printing is what we do! Just upload your design to our design generator, select your desired fabric, and wait for your custom fabric to arrive on your doorstep.

Polyester Stretch Fabrics at House of U

Do you prefer seeing and touching our polyester stretch fabrics for yourself before ordering one? Order our Eco Fabric Kit, which carries samples of all our sustainable fabrics. If you want to see our entire collection of fabric, our fabric book might be the better choice.

If you have any questions about us, our fabrics, or how we work – or you’re looking for more personalized advice – feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help you find your ideal fabric.