Plain weave fabric custom print

Flat weave is a weaving pattern used in textile production and is one of the simplest weaves. The threads are woven one to one resulting in a smooth and sleek appearance. Would you like to buy flat weave fabric or have the fabric printed? You can do that from 1 meter up at House of U. Upload your design in the design generator and order your flat weave fabric online!

What is a plain weave fabric?

The plain weave technique creates a dense weave structure and high thread density, resulting in fabrics that are soft to the touch and elegant.

Plain weave fabric characteristics

Plain weave has several distinctive properties such as a smooth and shiny surface, a dense weave structure, comfortable and suitable for bedding. These properties make plain weave fabric popular for many different products.

What is plain weave fabric used for?

Plain weave fabric is used for various applications such as for various garments like blouses, shirts and formal outfits. It is also widely used for bedding, interior decoration and accessories.

Some advantages and disadvantages of plain weave fabric

Advantages of plain weave fabric is that it has soft texture, luxurious look and good drape. Disadvantages are that it can be susceptible to wear and tear and may fray.

Plainweave fabric printing at House of U

House of U has a variety of plain binding fabrics in its collection. From cotton and linen, to recycled polyester and Ecovero. Digital printing is the most environmentally friendly printing method today.

Ordering fabrics and having them printed at House of U

You can order these plain weave fabrics by the yard. Want to feel our fabrics first before ordering? Then order our fabric book. Here you will find samples of all our fabrics. In the Eco Fabric Kit you will find samples of all our sustainable fabrics. These are also easy to order online.

Do you have questions about our fabrics or would you like advice for your design? Feel free to contact us. We would love to advise you!