Jersey fabric

Looking for knit fabrics? Then jersey fabric is the ideal fabric for you. Jersey is the general name for all knitted fabrics. But to be precise, it’s not a fabric at all. It’s a particular knitting weave. Jersey used to be known as the fabric for cotton T-shirts or underwear, but nowadays, it’s so much more. At House of U, we have it all. Whether you need jersey fabric by the yard, you want to buy jersey fabric, or you want to print jersey fabric.

What is jersey fabric?

You may be wondering: what is jersey fabric made of? And what exactly is jersey fabric material? We’ll tell you! Jersey is a fine knit fabric and can be made of any yarn, such as cotton, nylon or viscose.

Sometimes jersey is mixed with elastane or lycra. A fun fact: if you look closely at the fabric, you can see the well-known ’jersey stitch‘. Just look for the letter V and you’ll see it everywhere!

For every project, there’s a jersey fabric. What about our polyester jersey fabric? It’s beautiful and versatile!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of jersey fabric?

Like any fabric, jersey has several great benefits. We made a quick overview for you:

  • It absorbs moisture very well. Ideal for summer!
  • The fabric is smooth and has a subtle sheen.
  • Jersey retains its shape and does not become lumpy. 
  • Many types of jersey are wrinkle resistant. This saves you a lot of time as a beginning designer!

Although jersey fabrics are amazing, you should be aware of the one disadvantage of the material. If you use it frequently, wear and tear can occur and small balls of fiber can form on the surface. So be gentle with the fabric to prevent this from happening.

Is jersey fabric stretch?

In general, all types of jersey are stretchy. This makes the fabric nice and comfortable to wear. Most jersey fabrics from House of U are stretchy. Great for you as a designer and great for the end user!

What is jersey fabric used for?

This fabric is incredibly versatile. Its qualities lend themselves to a wide range of applications. For example, the fabric is used for T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants, dresses, jackets, blazers, pants, leggings, underwear, spinning and summer sports uniforms and even sheets and bedding.

How to sew with jersey fabrics?

Sewing jersey fabric doesn’t have to be complicated. With our tips and tricks it will be super easy! First, you have to choose the right needle. For knits like jersey, it is recommended to use a ballpoint needle. This needle can pass through the fabric easily without damaging them.

Another tip for sewing jersey is to use the right thread. Jersey is a stretch fabric, so you need a thread that also has a bit of stretch. We recommend using a polyester thread. This thread will stretch with your material.

Finally, it is a good idea to use a zigzag stitch on jersey fabrics. This type of stitch is made for sewing stretchy knits. So it’s perfect for jersey materials!

Buy and print jersey fabric by the yard at House of U

Do you want to use jersey fabric for your new project? At House of U, you can easily order your favorite kind of jersey fabric and get it printed. It's simple: upload your design and start printing!

Do you want to see our different kinds of jersey fabrics? Then take a look at our fabric book or order the Eco Fabric Kit. This way, you can easily discover which jersey fabric suits your project best.

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