Print your design on EcoVero

Silky soft, luxurious and durable. That's EcoVero. The eco-friendly alternative to viscose. The fabric is made from sustainable wood and pulp. Because it has the same properties as viscose, the fabric is perfect for making blouses, dresses and tops.

Want to print your own unique design on sustainable, eco-friendly fabric? Then EcoVero is the fabric for you. Order your fabric directly below or read more at the bottom of the page.

How is EcoVero made?

House of U is a big believer in sustainability. That's why we have EcoVero, a sustainable variant of viscose, in our collection.

EcoVero is produced in an environmentally friendly way in Austria, by manufacturer Lenzing. The wood pulp from which the fabric is made comes from certified wood. In addition, the chemicals used to turn the wood into pulp are recycled.

As a result, compared to the production of "ordinary" viscose, the production of EcoVero reduces CO2 emissions by 50% and uses half as much water and energy. Moreover, the bleaching process of the pulp is chlorine-free.

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The benefits of EcoVero

EcoVero is as soft as silk and has the luxurious feel of viscose. In addition, the fabric has even more advantages.

We list them for you:

  • EcoVero is the most sustainable viscose (rayon)
  • Less CO2 emissions and less water consumption during production
  • The production is free of chlorine
  • Supple fabric
  • Light weight
  • Made of absorbent fibers; perfect for hot summer days
  • Stays beautiful for a long time. Even after frequent washing (at 30 degrees)

EcoVero, due to its properties, is particularly suitable for manufacturing clothes, such as summer dresses and blouses. So the fabric is an absolute must if you want to make your fashion collection sustainable.

Printed EcoVero fabric?

Looking for a sustainable fabric for your own collection? At House of U, you can have your design printed on EcoVero. It has an excellent color fastness, making it a perfect fabric to print on.

In addition, we take the utmost care in our digital textile printing process. So you can enjoy your own design for an extra long time. Order EcoVero above and upload your design into our design generator.

Want to see the fabric first before printing it with your design? Then order a print sample on our fabric page or order our fabric book containing the whole collection. 

Do you have any questions about EcoVero or another fabric? Please feel free to contact us.