Peachskin fabric

Peachskin fabric is a light, smooth and soft textile often used for summer clothing and bedding. Peachskin is made of finely woven synthetic fibers such as polyester and offers a comfortable, wrinkle-free and breathable feel. Want to buy peachskin fabric or have the fabric printed? You can do so at House of U starting from 1 meter.

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What is peachskin fabric?

Peachskin fabric is a type of textile known for its smooth, soft surface with a texture similar to that of a peach. It is usually made of finely woven synthetic fibers such as polyester or microfiber.

Peachskin fabric properties

Peachskin fabric has several distinctive properties that make it popular in the world of fashion and textiles:

  • First, it has a silky and smooth texture that feels like the skin of a peach. It is usually made from synthetic fibers such as polyester or microfiber.
  • Peachskin is lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for summer clothing and bedding.
  • In addition, it is wrinkle-resistant and requires little to no ironing.
  • It is durable and retains its color well even after repeated washing.

These properties make peachskin fabric popular for comfortable and stylish clothing.

Which peachskin fabrics are there?

There are several types of peachskin fabrics, each with unique properties and applications. The most common are:

  • Polyester Peachskin: This is a common type, made from polyester fibers. It has a silky texture, is lightweight and is popular for summer clothing, such as blouses, dresses and light jackets. Polyester peachskin is durable and easy to care for, but can be less breathable than other options.
  • Microfiber Peachskin: Microfiber peachskin is extremely finely woven and offers excellent moisture wicking and breathability, making it suitable for sportswear and linings.
  • Cotton Peachskin: Some fabrics blend cotton with synthetic fibers to combine the benefits of peachskin with the natural breathability of cotton. This results in a fabric that is comfortable in warm conditions and is often used for casual wear.

What is Peachskin fabric used for?

Peachskin fabric is widely used in various applications because of its comfortable and versatile characteristics. It is widely used for summer clothing because of its lightweight and breathable properties. It is also used for blouses, dresses, skirts, t-shirts and light jackets. Its comfortable feel on the skin makes it particularly suitable for hot and humid environments.

Due to its smooth texture and wrinkle-free nature, it is often used as a lining in jackets and blazers. It helps make clothes easy to put on and take off and reduces friction.

It can also be used for sportswear because of its moisture wicking properties and breathability. In addition, it can also be used for bedding and accessories.

Some advantages and disadvantages of Peachskin fabric

Advantages of peachskin fabric include its silky texture, wrinkle-free properties, breathability, durability and versatility. Disadvantages are that some varieties may be less suitable for cold weather conditions due to its thin texture.

Peachskin fabric printing at House of U

House of U has one peachskin fabric in its collection. Our U-circular Nautica Stretch is a lightweight woven fabric. The fabric has stretch, is made of recycled polyester and is printed with certified inks. Digital printing is the most environmentally friendly printing method today.

Ordering fabrics and having them printed at House of U

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