sportswear fabrics

Do you want to design your own sportswear? Then you have to choose the fabrics very carefully. Fabric for sportswear must be breathable, quick-drying, resistant to sweat and have to be elastic.

Do you have a unique design for sportswear and are you looking for the right fabrics? House of U gives you the opportunity to have your own design printed on the best sports fabric, in the quantity you want. In our webshop you will find the most exclusive and sustainable sportswear fabrics. Upload your design in our design generator today and soon steal the show with your own sportswear line.

What fabric is sportswear made of?

Of course you only want the best fabrics for your own clothing line. Fabrics that bring out the best in your design. Most sportswear is made of polyester (sometimes in combination with elastane) or cotton. Are you wondering which fabric is best to use for sportswear? The sports fabrics from the House of U range are made of high-quality polyester. This is a fabric that is very suitable for printing. And polyester has more advantages. This what sports fabric needs to be:

  • Breathable
  • Quick drying
  • Resistant to sweat
  • Colourfast
  • Form-retaining
  • Elastic Light and smooth

In addition to advantages, there are also points for attention. Polyester can:

  • Being static
  • Pills easily

Which sportswear fabrics does House of U have?

If you are looking for high-quality fabrics, produced with an eye for people and the environment, House of U is the place to be. The sports fabrics in our collection are made from rPet, or recycled polyester. rPet is produced using recycled (PET) bottles. The great advantage of rPet is that this substance can be reused endlessly. In this way we give plastic a second life and we save on raw materials.

Are you curious about our recycled polyester collection? Below you will find an overview of our sustainable sportswear fabrics.

  • U-circular Athleisure: A medium weight knitted fabric. Ideal for sports and swimwear.
  • U-circular French Terry: A heavier knit fabric with stretch. Very suitable for sweatpants and loungewear.
  • U-circular Vita Heavy: a heavy, yet supple fabric with a beautiful sheen. Perfect for a modern swimwear line.
  • U-circular Mesh: a light woven fabric, with a gauzy look. The fabric is breathable and resistant to high temperatures.
  • U-circular Mesh Sport: a medium woven fabric that's very breathable. Ideal for shirts and shorts.

Do you want to have sportswear fabric printed at House of U?

Do you want to use our high-quality fabrics for your own sportswear collection? You can easily have our fabrics printed with your own unique design. When you upload your design in our design generator, we devote all care and attention to your design in our digital textile printing company.

Have you become curious about our exclusive and sustainable sportswear fabrics, but would you like to see the fabrics with your own eyes first? Then order our fabric book or our Eco Fabric Kit, with samples from our fabric collection. Do you have any questions or do you want personal advice from our specialists? Please feel free to contact us.