Print on Cotton Muslin

Muslin fabric is a light, transparent textile valued for its lightness and softness. This combination of characteristics makes muslin the ideal fabric for children's clothing. Want to buy muslin fabric or have the fabric printed? You can already do this from 1 meter at House of U.

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What is muslin fabric?

It is usually made of cotton, but can also be made of other fibers such as silk or viscose / rayon. It is known for its light weight and delicate appearance, making it a favorite for airy and sophisticated fashion items.

Characteristics of muslin fabric

Muslin fabric is often a light & soft fabric. Muslin has a fine, loose weave construction and is silky smooth to the touch. The weave from slightly twisted yarn creates the recognizable crinkled texture in our cotton muslin eco. This cotton muslin fabric is known as Double Gauze or Hydrophilic cloth.

What types of muslin are there?

There are several types of muslin fabrics, each with unique properties and applications. The most common are:

  • Silk muslin: Made from pure silk fibers, this fabric is extremely soft, lightweight and has a natural sheen. It is often used for luxury evening wear and bridal gowns.
  • Cotton muslin: Made from fine cotton fibers, this type of muslin is breathable and comfortable to wear. It is often used for summer dresses, blouses and baby clothes.
  • Viscose muslin: Made from viscose fibers, it has the property of being light and airy. It is often used for casual clothing and scarves.
  • Wool muslin: Made from wool, this fabric offers warmth and softness. It is used for winter clothing such as scarves and layers.
  • Linen muslin: Made from linen fibers, the fabric is a light and breathable fabric. It combines the natural texture and durability of linen with the lightness of muslin. It is perfect for summer wear.

Where is muslin fabric used for?

Muslin is known for its light weight and delicate appearance, which is why it is often used for luxury garments such as evening gowns, wedding dresses and scarves.

Of course, a muslin fabric is also suitable as clothing for children and adults such as shirts, dresses, blouses and other garments with a beautiful, soft texture.

Our Cotton Muslin Eco fabric is double layer woven is, is therefore very suitable for baby cloths, baby clothing or as a wrapping cloth or hydrophilic cloth.

Some advantages and disadvantages of muslin

Advantages of muslin fabric are light weight, breathability and elegance, making it ideal for summer clothing and scarves. Disadvantages include the tendency to wrinkle, which requires regular ironing, and the fragility of some muslin types. For example, silk muslin can be delicate and require special care.

Muslin fabric printing at House of U

House of U has one muslin fabric in its collection. Our Cotton Muslin Eco is made from 100% ecological cotton and is printed with ecologically certified inks. Digital printing is the most environmentally friendly printing method today.

Ordering fabrics and having them printed at House of U

You can order the cotton Muslin Eco by the yard. Want to feel our fabrics first before ordering? Then order our fabric book. Here you will find samples of all our fabrics. In the Eco Fabric Kit you will find samples of all our sustainable fabrics. These are also easy to order online.

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