Cotton canvas custom print

There are so many different kinds of fabric out there, it can be hard to figure out which one is best suited to your needs. Cotton canvas fabric happens to be one of the strongest and most versatile kinds out there – made entirely from cotton!

Are you interested in learning more on cotton canvas printing? House of U has got you covered: we’ll help you find your perfect fabric as well as help you print your own design onto it.

What is cotton canvas?

Canvas is not what you might think of when you think of fabric: it’s a weave, not a fiber. This means it’s a way of processing a fabric in order to get the desired appearance and traits. Canvas is a tightly woven plain weave, lending it its characteristic checkerboard-like look.

As it’s a weave, canvas can be made using lots of different fibers – like, for example, linen or a cotton-poly blend. But as the name implies, cotton canvas fabric is made of cotton, a natural fiber with many great properties. You might hear it referred to as cotton duck canvas, but this is exactly the same fabric: it just has a different name.

Pros and cons of cotton canvas

What is canvas cotton like? Well, because it’s made of cotton, it has all the usual traits associated with cotton: it’s cool, breathable, and moisture-wicking.


But cotton canvas material also has its pros compared to other cotton fabrics! Its tight weave makes it extremely durable and sturdy – which also helps it stay wrinkle-free. Plus, it’s very easy to maintain. Dirt has a hard time finding its way into the fabric, and when it does get dirty, you can easily throw it into the washing machine.


However, canvas is not a magic fabric – it does have a couple of downsides. One of these is its rough texture. The material can feel slightly scratchy against the skin. As such, it might not be the most comfortable fabric to wear.

What is cotton canvas fabric used for?

Traditionally, cotton canvas fabric was used to make things like boat sails or a cotton canvas tent. Recently, this spectrum has broadened to include a lot more, like cotton canvas bags for example: you probably own a cotton canvas tote bag or maybe even a backpack.

Canvas isn’t limited to accessories. Outdoor and sports gear are also frequently made using cotton canvas: if you walk into any outdoorsy store, chances are you’ll find a cotton canvas jacket, canvas cotton shirts, pants, vests – any clothing item you can think of! Printed cotton canvas fabric can even make these a whole lot more exciting.

Also, organic cotton canvas can be used when upholstering your couch or when making cotton canvas curtains. If you can think of it, you can probably make it using cotton canvas.

Cotton canvas printing at House of U

Are you looking to print on cotton canvas? House of U carries a large assortment of fabrics – including cotton canvas. Order some and print cotton canvas fabric by the yard!

If you’re still on the fence or would like to check out some different fabrics, consider taking a peek at our Eco Fabric Kit or Fabric Book. When you’ve picked out your ideal fabric, you can upload your design to our design generator, select your desired material – we’ll do the rest. Just sit back and wait for your cotton canvas prints to be delivered to your doorstep.

Do you have any other questions or would you like personalized advice? Feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you!