I forgot my login information.
Ask for a new password through our website.

I’m already a customer at House of U. Do I have to register again or can I use my customer ID?
When you are a registered customer at House of U, than you already have an account. When you forgot you login information, ask for a new password through our website.

What are my options after I log in?
If you are registered through the website of House of U, you will have access to one or more of the following areas: webshop account; your personal information and order history is saved onto your account.

Where is my data stored?
If you are a registered customer, your address, VAT and order information is saved onto our website. You can see this when you are placing an order or when you go to your account information.

My question is not listed.
Please contact us using our contact form, e-mail or chat with us!