Chair upholstery: this is how you do it!

Do you want to redecorate that old chair? Are you tired of the design, or is the fabric worn? If the basis is good, you can upholster it again. This is a cheap and environmentally conscious alternative to buying a new chair. With a new fabric it can last for years! In this blog we give you all our tips.

Remove the old upholstery

Every seat is different. This makes it difficult to estimate how much fabric you need. We therefore advise you to use the old upholstery as a pattern.

Proceed as follows:

Carefully remove the old upholstery. Seat upholstery is usually stuck with staples or decorative nails. You remove this with the help of a hammer and a staple remover or crowbar.

Press the staple remover or crowbar against the edge of a staple and tap it with a hammer. This way you can remove them one by one.

Can't find staples? Then remove the upholstery with the aid of a knife. Cut a cross in the fabric and pull it off the chair.

Try to keep the fabric intact as much as possible. 

Determine the design of your upholstery

Do you want to have your own design printed? Via our design generator you can print your design on a fabric of your choice.

Are you in doubt which design you want to go for? Take a look at our blog with colourful fabric inspiration and colour trends for 2020.

Choose your fabric carefully: go for thick and firm

A chair has a lot to endure. That is why it is important that you choose a sturdy, durable material.

A rougher fabric can have more and stay beautiful longer. We therefore advise you to opt for a thick, sturdy cotton. For example:

0194 Cotton Half Panama
1668 Cotton Hopsack
1890 Cotton Segovia Eco

Below you see a photo of the above fabrics (in the same order):

Start upholstering!

Start by cutting the new fabric. You do this with the help of the old fabric: this way you can estimate the measurements. 

Remember that you can still cut off more fabric later, so make sure you leave space and don't make the pattern too small.

Finally, place the fabric patterns in the right place and staple the fabric with a tacker on the seat.

Refresh your office chair

Did you know that you can also provide office chairs with new upholstery? The fabrics are often easy to remove.

Very nice to give your office a refreshing look! Gather your colleagues and get to work together. A sustainable way to uplift your office's design, instead of buying new chairs. 

Do you want to design more yourself?

Can you not wait for the next project after upholstering your chair? Then also view our blog about how you can make a unique dress yourself.

Contact us if you have additional questions. We are happy to help you further.

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