Colourful fabric inspiration and colour trends for 2020

You want something with colour, but you do not know exactly what? Then continue reading. In this blog we inspire you with our colourful fabrics and we also show you THE colour trends for 2020.That way you are already prepared for that!

Different fabrics for colourful clothes

We offer various fabrics that you can design to suit your colour requirements. With so many options, it is sometimes difficult to choose!

In this blog we show how colours look on different fabrics. We also give advice on which applications are the best for each type of fabric.

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Luxurious and flowing silk

Silk is the perfect choice if you are looking for a fabric with a luxurious and mysterious appearance. Deep colours fall beautifully on silk fabrics, but there are also many options with bright colours.

Have you designed a beautiful evening dress, or perhaps a business blouse that you want to give something special? Then consider using silk.

The luxurious fabric also looks great on bed linen in the bedroom. Especially when you go for a dark colour, such as dark purple or blue.

Are you going for silk? Then also view our product page with silk fabrics to see our different kinds of silk. 

Fresh and comfortable linen

In addition to clothing, coloured linen is increasingly being used for interior upholstery. It gives a fresh, comfortable look and it is especially beautiful in the summer.

Pastel colours go best with linen fabric, especially if you combine it with white.

Are you looking for an airy, fresh and comfortable fabric for your design? Then go for linen: you won't regret it.

See also our linen product page for more information.


Cotton is the most used fabric because it is so versatile. All colours look nice on cotton, but if you ask us, it is mainly patterns that fit best.

The fabric has a calm appearance, which makes prints and wild colour combinations come into their own. In addition to being versatile, cotton is affordable and - not unimportantly - many people find it pleasant to wear.

We offer all kinds of cotton: see our cotton product page for our complete range.


Colour on polyester remains beautiful for a long time and that is a good reason to choose this fabric.

In addition, it is a strong fabric type, which is ideal for sportswear and modern designs due to its elasticity.

We offer all kinds of polyester: See our polyester product page for our entire range.

Trendy colours for 2020

The type of fabric therefore has a lot of influence on the effect of a colour. And that largely determines which fabric is suitable for your design.

In addition to fabric type, fashion naturally also determines your colour choice. That is why we have listed the colour trends for 2020 below each other.

Nature will be an important source of inspiration in 2020 and we recognize four important styles:

1. Soothing neutrals
2. Colours of the ocean
3. Urban green
4. Sunset

We will explain them further below.

Soothing neutrals

Neutral colours such as ecru and off-white become extremely popular for spring/summer 2020. These colours are combined with minimalist silhouettes and natural materials such as linen, jute and organic cotton.

Garments that may seem simple but are nevertheless interesting because of the use of a special fabric.

Colours of the ocean

The colours of the ocean are seen everywhere on the catwalk. From light shades of blue, green and turquoise, to deep dark blue like the sea at night.

Water is also the source of inspiration for prints and silhouettes and you can see that mainly in the use of pleats, fluttering dresses and nautical prints.

Urban green

2020 is the year of natural colours and of course green cannot be missed.

Dark green and lemon yellow are mainly found in functional garments: cargo pants, fish jackets and t-shirts with functional pockets made of light, technical fabrics.


And finally, the setting sun is an important source of inspiration for many fashion designers.

A blend of red, fuchsia, purple and orange provides a colourful pallet that can lead to beautiful designs in both the fashion and interior design industry.


Inspiration for colourful fabrics

Now you know which fabric types best suit your latest design. And you are fully aware of the colour trends for 2020.

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