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Textilice is a recognized training institute in fashion, textiles and designs.
''Inspire! Create! Educate!''

Nothing is as wonderful as seeing your own creativity reflected in a product. During Textilice's online training courses you will discover more of your creativity and learn to more about it. You acquire the necessary knowledge of Adobe and see what you can do with different materials. How to position yourself in an ever-changing market is an important part within the program. Whether you are a beginner or a professional who needs further in-depth knowledge: I will offer you practical tools.


At Textilice I share all my knowledge and experience as a designer with you. Through the online training courses design / print-design and technical fashion drawing, I am your personal teacher and I guide you in the development of designs and prints in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Together we look at your personal goal and its feasibility in the market.

Lessons are supported with instructional videos and downloadable PDFs with detailed instructions and assignments. You will have access to a handy online platform for six months. Not only do you have unlimited access to all your questions here, you also receive practical feedback. In Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop you develop designs that are ready for production.

Textilice is a recognized training institute in fashion, textiles and designs. For online training courses from Impact Training & Advice, you have the option of using the STAP budget. This would allow you to take the trainings for free.

For example, you can realize your own fabrics or product line via House of U!

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