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Offset warehouse

Offset Warehouse searches the globe to source and develop beautiful ethical textiles, to sell to International customers in wholesale and retail quantities. Beautiful, ethical textiles with small minimums.

Their eco fabrics are those that do not harm the people who make them, the environment or those who buy them.  Alongside this treasure trove of ethical fabrics, in 2018 they launched a sister business, The Sustainable Fashion Collective. The Sustainable Fashion Collective is a platform for entrepreneurs who are passionate and determined to build successful businesses in a sustainable and ethical way. If you’re building a creative business or want to start, and you want to get help, inspiration, powerful strategies and a support network to help you succeed without harming the environment or the people who make your products, then you’ll love The Sustainable Fashion Collective.


About Offset Warehouse

Offset Warehouse brings together a huge range of ethical fabrics and haberdashery. All of Offset Warehouse's products benefit either the people who make them or the environment, and usually both. This includes items that are organic, Fairtrade, recycled and made in cooperatives. Fabrics are available with a one-metre minimum from the online shop and shipped worldwide. Swatches of all fabrics are also sold on the website, and wholesale discounts are available on request. Check them out here.


The Sustainable Fashion Collective

The Sustainable Fashion Collective is an online learning resource offering information, inspiration and support for designers and manufacturers who want to work sustainably and responsibly but are unsure how.  The SFC works on a monthly membership model, whereby members have access to a library of masterclasses, webinars and interviews with industry experts, innovators and creatives, as well as new monthly tutorials and ongoing live Q&A sessions with those behind the revolutionary solutions to these global problems. Become a Free Member here to find out more. 

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