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Enschede Textielstad

We develop and produce fashion and interior fabrics from recycled materials and locally sourced raw materials. We are the first (and as yet the only) weaving mill in Europe to focus entirely on the production of sustainable fabrics

Enschede Textile City was started almost 7 years ago by Annemieke. The Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh had collapsed in April of that year, and everyone seemed to agree; something had to change in the textile industry. In that social discussion, the main focus seemed to be on garment making in large sewing workshops. But what about deeper in the chain, in manufacturing the raw materials and knitting and weaving the fabrics? What if we could bring that piece of the chain closer to home? From that research, Enschede Textile City was born. Europe's first sustainable weaving mill, in former textile city Enschede. 



Working method

We produce locally by weaving in our factory in Enschede. For us, producing locally also means buying locally; we only work with European yarn suppliers, preferably as close to our factory as possible. In this way we minimize the environmental impact of transportation and are assured that the raw materials used in our process have been produced under fair conditions. 

Whether you want to order 1 meter or have 10,000 meters woven; we make exactly what you need. By producing in this way, we waste as few raw materials as possible, and we can make the cloth exactly what you want.

Our specialty is recycling. We apply our knowledge of recycled materials both in fashion - fabrics and in fabrics suitable for curtains and furniture upholstery. We use both consumer and production waste. This waste is sorted as carefully as possible, so that additional dyeing is not necessary and the yarns are available in bright colors.


What can we offer U?

  • Ready made
    Basically, we produce on demand, but due to increasing demand from consumers and small businesses, we have a selection of our bestsellers in stock in our webshop. You can order small metrics here that will usually be delivered the next business day. 
  • Made to order
    Made to order means weaving to order a fabric (or a variation of it) that we have already made. An overview of various fashion fabrics and upholstery fabrics can be found on the website and in our showroom in Enschede.
  • Custom made
    Would you like to use your own waste for a new product, or would you like us to develop a new fabric for you? We will gladly accept the challenge! Custom made processes usually have a somewhat longer lead time, because it involves experimental development with multiple partners. We now have extensive experience with such projects, so we would love to be surprised by your question!
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