Polyester canvas fabric custom print

Are you looking for a relatively cheap and durable fabric to complete your project? Look no further! Polyester canvas fabric is what you’ve been searching for. This fabric is woven in a way that lends strength to the naturally stretchy polyester fiber. Order polyester canvas fabric by the yard at House of U; you can even print your design onto it.

What is polyester canvas fabric?

The secret to figuring out polyester canvas material lies in its name! “Polyester canvas” denotes two things: the fiber (polyester) and the structure (canvas). Both of these aspects are equally important! The structure of a fabric refers to how fiber has been woven to result in cloth.

A canvas weave knits two threads together in a crisscross shape. This basic shape is incredibly sturdy, which is why canvas is such a versatile fabric! Polyester, on the other hand, is a type of fiber, like cotton or linen. However, polyester is a synthetic – or manmade – fiber that can’t be found in the wild.

Canvas has historically been made using cotton fiber, but polyester canvas does exist for a reason. Polyester canvas fabric was created as an alternative to leather: it’s both more durable and efficient than leather and no animals were harmed in the process. But there are some more benefits to using polyester!

Pros and cons of poly canvas fabric

So what’s polyester canvas actually like? Is polyester canvas waterproof? And what should you go for when it comes to polyester canvas vs. cotton canvas?

Well, because it’s made of polyester, it carries all the pros of that specific fabric. In particular, the fiber is flexible by nature, meaning it’s wrinkle-resistant and easily machine-washable. It also doesn’t tear easily, because it moves with any tension. Plus, poly canvas is usually coated in waterproofing material, making it moisture-wicking. All in all, it’s a low-maintenance, durable, and smooth fabric to use, especially compared to cotton canvas!

Is polyester canvas fabric breathable?

It is often thought that polyester canvas fabric is not breathable. But polyester is actually a breathable fabric. Polyester does not absorb moisture, but sends it outside. This way, the moisture evaporates without leaving any stains. So you will not get cold on hot days. Sweating through and in polyester fabrics does therefore not happen. 

Other properties of polyester canvas fabric

There are some downsides to the material. For example, poly canvas fabric can bubble a little when it gets hot. It also doesn’t take color as well as cotton does. That’s one of the main differences between cotton and poly canvas – also cotton can feel a little more luxurious to the touch.

What is polyester canvas fabric used for?

Chances are you have something made of canvas in your house. Historically, it was used to make boat sails or tents, but these days it’s everywhere: tote bags, awnings, upholstery, pillows – if you can think of it, you can probably make it using canvas.

Polyester canvas fabric specifically, can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It’s especially great for upholstery and pillows, because any spills will roll right off. But it might not be ideal for clothing: canvas tends to be rough on the skin.

Polyester canvas fabric for sublimation

If you’re wondering if polyester canvas is a good material to use for sublimation printing, you’re in luck! Canvas poly is one of the best kinds of fabric for sublimation – especially white polyester canvas fabric. All you’ll need to do is prepare the surface and then follow all the regular sublimation steps.

Poly canvas printing at House of U

So, are you excited about polyester canvas yet? Great, because House of U carries a wide range of fabrics, including 100% polyester canvas fabric! House of U’s print on fabric service is easy to use – and you won’t have to order more fabric than you need.

If you want to know a little more about the available fabrics before deciding, you can always order our Fabric Book or Eco Fabric Kit instead. But if you’ve made up your mind, all you’ll have to do is upload your design to our design generator and select your favorite fabric! House of U will do all the hard stuff for you, so you can sit back and wait for your fabric to arrive.

Still have questions about polyester canvas fabric or would you like some more personalized information? Feel free to contact us! We’re always happy to help you with anything you might run into.