Shipping & Delivery

Which fabric is suitable for my application?
In the online fabric catalogue, in the selection on the left side, you can select the application best suitable for you. The catalogue will then show the suitable fabrics for your application. Best way to know if the fabric is right for what you are looking for, is to order the fabric book or order a printed sample of the fabric that you want to use.

Can I wash the fabrics?
The instructions to wash the fabric of your choice are presented in the online fabric catalogue in each individual fabric. On the second tab, ‘washing’ of each fabric you will be able to find the washing instructions.

Will the fabrics shrink more?
All fabrics that we ship have been washed by us. The washing method we use will shrink the fabric back to its original size. This happens on production machines, which makes it possible for the fabric to shrink a little bit more when you wash the fabric yourself. Take this into account when you are placing your order; always order a bit more than you need. Also take this into account when you are designing a placed print.  Make the image a bit bigger than you probably need.

Can I get samples of the fabrics?
Yes, in the online fabric catalogue you can order a printed sample of each fabric when you open the detailed page of that fabric. There is a button on the right which says ‘request sample’.  You can also request a fabric book with white samples of all fabrics in our collection. You can order the fabric book here.

I want to order unprinted fabric, is that possible?
If you want to order unprinted fabric, please upload a white file of the size you would like to receive. The prices for unprinted and printed fabrics are the same. You can find these prices online in our webshop. As soon as you have ordered a white file, please contact us so we can assure that you will get unprinted fabric.

Do fabrics go out of the collection?
The fabrics in the fabric Outlet will go out of the collection. Some fabrics are offered with a discount code, while stock lasts.
These fabrics will not come back in our collection. Be quick to have the last meters!
Do you want to see all the Outlet fabrics? Then click on this link.

Here you will find the Online document of 'In the collection 2020'.
Here you will find the Online document of 'Out of the collection 2020'.