I think color is very important, how can I be sure that the correct colors are printed?

Colors on a screen look different than colors printed on a fabric, that’s why we always recommend testing the colors in advance by doing a test print or by ordering a color chart.

If you work in Adobe RGB (1998) color mode, we get the best color information to make a print that is as close as possible. A manual that can help you prepare your files can be found here.

Are you looking for a specific color? This color chart can help you with this. The color chart contains 2000 different colors that will help you finding your specific color. You can order this color chart on every fabric within the House of U Collection.

A color block test can also help you find a specific color. The format of this color block test can be found here.

Download the digital program here.
Download the Photoshop manual here and the Illustrator manual here.

Pay attention: When you re-order, first check that no process change has taken place. You can check this when you have uploaded a file in step 2 "Choose your fabric". This can affect the colors, details and feel.