The benefits of hemp fabric

If you think of hemp, you probably don’t think of a fashionable pants or dress. This is because hemp is often confused with cannabis or marijuana.
And this whilst you can make the most beautiful clothing from hemp textile. With a lot of benefits. Not only for you as a designer and the wearer of the garment, but also for the environment! In this blog we explain the characteristics and benefits of hemp fabric.

A little history lesson about hemp clothing

The use of hemp for clothing goes thousands of years back. For instance, research shows that hemp already was used 8.000 years before Christ.

The use of hemp in other forms is also not new. In China they used hemp as paper 700 years after Christ. A slightly more recent example: Columbus used the hemp on his ships, even de first Levi’s were made of hemp denim.

From legal, to illegal and back

Hemp was one of the most popular crops in the United States for a long time. Until the crop got confused with his narcotic little brother, and the growing of hemp became illegal.

It is strange actually, especially when you realize that Jefferson and Washington were both hemp farmers and even the American declaration of independence is written on hemp paper.

Nowadays, the cultivation of hemp is gradually being legalized again in America. They also discover that there are many benefits of hemp, and especially the use as fabric!

The above colorful cloths are printed on our Hemp Slub fabric.
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The benefits of hemp fabric for the environment

The environment is becoming increasingly important. People are worried about the products that they buy and as a result, the labels of clothing are increasingly under scrutiny. Not every label tells the full truth yet. Some are even misleading.

Take organic cotton as an example. This is often seen as an environmentally friendly fabric, while this often isn’t the case. On the contrary even. Cotton is one of the most environmentally unfriendly crops. For example, a lot of land is needed and many chemicals are added to keep the product "good".

Hemp fabric is on the other hand very environmentally friendly. In particular because the organic fibers are 100% recyclable. But also the production process of the hemp fibers is very sustainable, certainly compared to other textiles.

Hemp grows really fast and produces more fibers per hectare than any other source. Until 250% more fibers then cotton with the same quantity of land! In addition, hemp does not deplete the soil. The plants leave their leaves behind which keeps the soil fertile and the moisture content is maintained. There is also needed less water in the production of hemp than the production of cotton. Only 1/20! Some rain now and then is enough.

Fabric characteristics of hemp textile

Hemp as fabric can offer warmth and softness from a natural textile type. But super sustainable!

The fabric can be washed again and again, without affecting the quality of the garment. The fabric is about four times stronger than cotton. And the iron can stay in the closet: the fabric hardly creases.

Thanks to the long and strong fiber structure is the hemp textile resistant to harsh conditions. The weather, work or everyday life doesn't stand a chance. The hemp fibers absorb moisture quickly, dries quickly and breath well. This keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Additional benefit? Textiles made of hemp is naturally antibacterial. Everyone who wears hemp clothes doesn't have to worry about unpleasant odors getting into the fabric.

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For which clothing is hemp suitable?

Hemp fibers are - as described before - incredibly versatile and certainly not only suitable for jute (an association that has existed for many years).

So you can say that hemp fabric is suitable for the most types of clothing, but also for bags and other accessories. What do you think of pillows and yoga mats made of hemp?

Fabric made of hemp also retains its color well. A nice print is certainly an option!

Look at how the the major brands do this

Many big brands as Adidas, Quicksilver and Patagonia have the benefits of hemp already discovered. As a result, the popularity continues to increase.

Brands as Woolrich, Cannabeings Designs and Hemp Authority are already specialized in making cloths of hemp. So you can use this as a good example!

Interested in other suitable fabrics?

After reading all these benefits of hemp fabric, you would think you have found the holy grail. And yes, that is certainly true.

But hemp is just one suitable fabric in our product range. We also sell Tencel, U-circular fabrics, EcoVero and 100% organic cotton.

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Curious about the rest of our environment friendly collection? Check out our blog were we explain five sustainable textiles. Or contact us directly for the possibilities.

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