Rolina Nell

From her own womanhood, women and girls are central to her paintings, drawings and my installations. She observes women in their doings. She also collects images that connect to the history of the place where she shows her art installations and has a close connection to women in this present time. These images and stories in which the past can still be felt are the starting point for her life-size charcoal drawings translated into the present in a site-specific installation.

In her daily life, she tries to live sustainably; she almost always eats vegan and organic, buys her clothes second-hand or sustainably, lives in a second-hand interior, works from home as much as possible and when she goes out, she travels by public transportation whenever possible. It is almost natural for her to choose sustainably.

Rolina Nell: "It is important for us and future generations to be able to live in health with and on the earth. Where we are only visiting for a short time anyway.'

Rolina Nell