Spirited Away

Once Upon a Time - For decades those four magic words have enchanted and dragged every child, and adults even, into a world different from ours, the fictional one, and embraced them in a dimension filled with adventures and the Unknown. The fictional - or fantasy in other words - has an undeniable and timeless allure we all are enticed by during our lives, and escape to when the real world occasionally does not comply with our desires. 

Spirited Away is a concept dealing with the interdependency between fantasy and reality and our emotional responses when our minds are being dragged into one world and back into the other. 

Fantasy allows for a dynamic that wouldn't be possible in a purely realistic world; it enriches us with refreshment. 

The collection has been made for the Minor Hypercraft // AMFI 

Model: Faye Damen 
Make-Up Artist: Didi Izendoorn


Elly Jin-Li Pan
Carina Feininger