The Berlin-based fashion designer, Isabel Vollrath runs her own label, I’VR Isabel Vollrath, since 2015 with her fascinating designs of three dimensional art. Her label is featured at Berlin Fashion Week and also operates as a made-to-measure atelier. 

All my collections are manufactured inhouse. I' VR ISABEL VOLLRATH is a „couture and made-to-measure atelier“, away from the pressure of seasonable products that are already considered „waste“ when they are on the market. We fashion designers need to educate the costumer to buy less, better and local! We all have to rethink and find solutions for a common future on this world - far away from what we were used to. If we need Covid-19 to let the atmosphere exhale and to clean the canals in Venice, then it is more than urgent to act and react

My inspirations just appear - grasping the "Zeitgeist", touching history, art, music, culture, architecture or nature. My collections are named "Il Traghetto", "Shakespeare in Love", "Water for Elephants","Poetry of light", "Edition Caravaggio" or recently: "Tiger and Venus" a tribute to nature, friendship and female sensuality, enriched by the collaboration with textile designer Almut Warttinger.