When does the smile turn into a grimace?
When become flowers unsetteling shadows?
And when does the paradise turn into an apocalypse?

The collection Spectacle is situated in this grey area.
By the use of Stereoscopy (3D) a sense of unease appears in the printdesigns.
The spectacle that...and beyond is offering reveal hidden dimensions, vanitas symbolism appears in the designs… between the flowers.
The silhouets -build from angular, rigid forms- find their inspiration in the 50-ties (the era of the American dream) and Hawaiian shirts, iconic for the representation of paradise on clothing.
This feeling of unease also reflects litteraly in the silhouet, the shoulders are raised and skewed to the front.
The clothing wraps around the models as a too tight bodice.

The collection was shown in Platform 21 Amsterdam (10th of June 2008).

And Beyond
And Beyond Fotografie: Hullegie / Bonglovanni