Annastasia Schwartz

In the middle of the dance floor of the BRET in Amsterdam, I noticed that everyone was dancing to the same rhythm, in sync.
Slowly I am absorbed by the whole and join in. I let go of how I think I have to dance, I let go of how I think I have to be, I let go of everything I worry about during the week and I notice that I am getting higher in myself, but at the same time I am very much on earth. In my body. I move from left to right without realizing it. My body does this by itself. It feels like I am dancing off layers of myself, layers that no longer belong to me. At the same time, it feels like I am running down lines with my body, my own unique pattern. 

For this reason the died leaves through the eco-printing process in my collection. To show that sometimes something has to die to become something beautiful again.  The crochet lines on the clothes dance around each other as it were, representing the synchronized dancing of people to techno, but also the layers of society that you dance off of yourself during such a night.

Sustainability is important to me because we live in a time where there is still a lot of Fast Fashion in circulation and this is no longer acceptable in the pursuit of a better, greener world. When I saw that House of U has a whole selection of sustainable fabrics made from recycled fabrics, I consciously chose to include those fabrics in my collection.