Fashion on Wheels Kelly

Kelly Lampers has won the 'Fashion on wheels'-contest. In the finale in the TV-show 'Life 4 You' model Marcel showed the winning wheelchair-proof outfit.

Kelly's outfit consisted of a cool shirt, for which designed a print herself, covered with a trench coat and a rugged jeans. The print was printed by House of U. Kelly explains her concious choices in her designs: "The whole back of the trench coat is made ​​of a stretch fabric, so it is easier to move your arm in case the wheelchair needs to be moved. To protect against dirt and wear, I have fitted the sleeves of the jacket with water detachable "non-slip parts". Furthermore, the closure of the jacket has been made practical for people with limited hand function, like my model Marcel. The traditional double row of buttons are actually snaps."

Kelly Lampers
Fashion on Wheels