Dutch Liberty Suit

Dutch Fashionlabel Suits For Dudes dresses hosts for festivals on Dutch Day of Liberty

-In collaboration with the designers of Black Book Online, the young Dutch fashion label Suits For Dudes has designed so-called liberation-Suits, especi...ally for the 'National Committee 4 and 5 May'. These will be worn by the hosts of the respective festivals.-

Like every year, the National Committee May 4 and 5 will again be flying over our country with a helicopter to transport the Ambassadors of freedom Douwe Bob, Gers Pardoel, Kensington who will be playing at all the major festivals. The festivals of Amsterdam, Groningen, Zeeland and Zwolle have stepped it up a bit more by purchasing these custom suits.

The command to create a design of a 'May 5th'-Suit has made the visually gifted "Dudes" dive deep into the matter. A brush sweep including splashes accompanied by the famous torch, the well-known image of freedom in the Netherlands, formed the basis for the design of the suit. "The paint stripes and splashes are the energetic expression of that freedom that the torch symbolizes" said Robert John Lechner Back Book Online, responsible for the basic design. The basic design was then used for Suits.

"At events like these but also at fairs, there are tremendous opportunities for communicating a message non-verbally. Suits For Dudes is happy to help in communicating that message through a unique design" said Niels Blokhuis, owner of Suits For Dudes.

Suits for Dudes
Suits for Dudes