Scarf Personal Treasures

Personal Treasures – AW14 Resort Collection

The Personal Treasures collection of printed scarves and bags from Azumi and David (A’N’D) offers a seasonal invitation to uncover private worlds of personal objects and collections, giving an insight into the lives and tastes of selected individuals.

For the second instalment of this collection, we delve into the personal treasure trove of Valery Demure, the London based jewellery and accessories PR/Consultant. Valery’s treasures include a selection of her luxurious fine jewellery, displaying her passion for Art Deco and Modernist Design. We unwrap her collection of playful and quirky clutch bags, with their strong Pop Art vein. Then, on to her fondness for headpieces and hair accessories – a platter of whimsical and surreal smoking lips and woven straw cat, delicate flowers and pearly tiara. Valery’s incognito moments are brought into view with her eclectic and eccentric sunglasses, which span 30’s modernism, 50’s and 60’s futurism, 80’s Miami chic and Parisian bourgeoisie. To bring things back to earth, we’ve dug into Valery’s sock drawer, to display her cheeky love for spotty and stripy feet.

This dip into Valery Demure’s world gives a hint into the inner workings of her eclectic and visionary mind, while simultaneously showeing her cheeky, down-to-earth realism.

Azumi and David