BORGANB's luxury bags are beautifully adorned with Tencil linings and slipcovers. They are not only an eco-fashion company, but also hope that we all try to be more decent with the earth. BORGANB uses only plastic-free, non-toxic plant-based textiles, ideally made from waste. 

The inspiration comes from the beauty of the material itself. The first time we saw the fish leather skin which we use for our bags , was 4 years ago on the sustainable fashion exhibition by sustainable angle in London. The fish skin is a by-product from the food sector and its tanned with biopolymers by Nova Kaeru.  . We discovered also a lot of other material , like the Rhubarb leather from Deepmello in Germany . All our bags are using silk yarn instead of polyester. 

BORGANB’s business model is to produce only products which are made without plastic, from organic waste material or innovative plant based material in Europe . We aim to work on circular economy principles , because we think that the fashion industry produces to much waste, mostly with plastic which poisons our water ways and all living creatures health. We also don’t believe in overproduction and aim to someday be able to produce just-in time on demand in order to avoid waste. Therefore sustainability is in our DNA. All our bags have a QR code integrated into the bag which provides the customer with all information about the eco-material, the suppliers and other important information.

Beate Beathke