Which fabric is best for the winter?

Winter fabric types are essential for creating warm and comfortable clothing and accessories during the colder months. From heavy wool to soft Fleece, or smooth silk to soft viscose, there are plenty of fabrics available to keep you warm while looking stylish.

What actually makes a fabric a winter fabric?

Of course, a winter fabric has to keep you warm, feel pleasantly soft on the skin and has to have a cosy look. This category includes French terry (sweat fabrics), jerseys, fabrics with a roughened or fluffy surface and double-layered fabrics.

At House of U we have a large selection of heavier, thicker fabrics that are perfect for jackets and coats or for nice soft decorative cushions. Some fabrics are also stretchy due to the way they are made or a small amount of elastane. This means they can also be used for more comfortable and fitted clothing such as trousers or skirts.

In this blog, we will show you which fabrics work best as a fabric for winter.

Top 9 fabrics to wear during the winter season

1. Cotton fabric

Cotton is a natural fiber that is used all year round, but in winter, it is often used for flannel fabrics and denim. Flannel is a soft, warm fabric that is woven from cotton fibers and often used for pajamas and bedding. Denim is a sturdy cotton fabric that is popular for jeans and jackets.


Above you see the Cotton Hopsack & Cotton Gabardine Eco.

Cotton is perfect to keep you warm during the cold season. The fabric regulates well in hot and cold weather, because it’s very breathable and a good insulator.

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Is cotton blend good for winter?

Cotton blends and heavier cotton fabrics are the warmest options when it comes to cotton. They offer better insulation during harsh winter weather. However, the warmth of cotton blends compared to regular cotton may not vary significantly as it depends on the specific blend used.

Cotton Silk Satin 7,5 m/m

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2. Velvet fabric

Velvet fabric is thick and soft, the best fabric for winter wear. It’s not only a very warm fabric, but it’s also very stylish! It’s ideal for different occasions, formal and everyday wear. In addition to its use in clothing, velvet also makes for an excellent choice of fabric for winter decor items such as plaids or cushions.


Above you see the U-circular Velvet & U-circular Velvet Plaid.

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3. Fleece fabric

The best fabric for a winter jacket is the Fleece. Fleece is a synthetic fabric that is popular for its warmth and softness. It’s lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying, making it ideal for outdoor clothing. Fleece is also easy to care for and can be machine washed. It comes in various thicknesses and can be used for sweaters, jackets, blankets, scarves and hats. Fleece fabric is a very warm fabric for winter.

4. Silk fabric

Silk is a luxurious fabric that is often associated with warm weather, but it can also be suitable for winter wear. It is an excellent insulator and provides warmth while also being soft to the touch. Additionally, silk is hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking and breathable, making it a comfortable choice for winter clothing. Therefore, it’s considered the best fabric for winter dresses.


Above you see the Silk Satin 12,5 m/m & Silk Crepe de Chine 10 m/m.

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5. Wool fabric

Wool is one of the most popular winter fabrics, but why is wool used for making winter clothing?

This fabric is warm, durable and has a natural resilience. Wool is available in different types such as merino, alpaca and cashmere. For example, merino wool is soft and breathable and often used for sweaters, vests, and scarves. Alpaca wool is lighter and warmer than sheep’s wool and is often used for coats and ponchos.

6. Cashmere fabric

Cashmere is a luxurious and soft fabric made from the wool of Cashmere goats. It is a popular choice for winter clothing due to its excellent insulation properties. It’s keeping you warm and cozy, even in the coldest weather.

Cashmere is also lightweight, breathable and durable, making it worthwhile investment for your winter wardrobe.

7. Polyester fabric

We hear you think; does polyester keep you warm and is polyester good for winter items? Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is often used for winter fabrics because of its warmth and durability. It is lightweight, quick-drying and easy to care for. Polyester can be used for sweaters, jackets, scarves and blouses.


Above you see the U-circular Sweat Jersey & U-circular Peach Jersey Heavy

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Which fabric is warmer: Polyester or Viscose?

Short said; Polyester is warmer. Polyester is a fabric that doesn’t absorb water, while viscose does. Viscose, or the sustainable version Tencel, also breaths better than polyester, but polyester is quick-dry.

Therefore, it’s safe to say, polyester is warmer, because it will contain the heat and viscose will not.

Tencel Drill

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Is viscose good for winter?

Viscose can definitely be used as a winter fabric. However, due to its breathability and its lack of heat retention, viscose is a better fit in summer.

8. Leather

Leather is a durable and warm fabric that is often used for jackets, boots and gloves. It comes in different types including sheepskin, cowhide and pigskin. Sheepskin leather is soft and lightweight, cowhide is sturdy and durable, and pigskin is thick and warm.

9. Fur

Fur is a luxurious and warm fabric that is often used for coats and accessories. It can be made from real fur or faux fur and comes in different types, including rabbit fur, mink fur, and fox fur. Faux fur is a popular alternative to real fur, as it is more affordable and ethical.

What type of clothes do we wear in winter season?

There are many different types of winter fabrics available, each with its unique properties and benefits. From wool to fleece, polyester to silk, there is a winter fabric for every style preference and need.

The most commonly worn winter clothing items are thick and warm jackets, cozy sweaters, and soft scarves. These are considered essential wardrobe items and can be found in almost everyone's closet. However, if you're looking to create your own unique winter wear, you can print your designs on these winter fabrics. Design your own custom polyester fabric or print on cotton to create personalized winter wear. Or have a look at our wide fabric collection, choose your ideal fabric and make your custom fabric print. 

By choosing the right fabrics, you can stay warm and cozy throughout the colder months while looking fashionable and stylish.

Custom printed winter fabrics at House of U

Do you want your own design printed on a winter fabric? This is very easy at House of U. You can upload your design in our design tool and have this printed on any fabric within our collection.

Do you still find it difficult to choose and would you rather see and feel our fabrics first? Then order the fabric swatches you want. Or you can order our complete fabric book or the Eco Fabric Kit, which contains all our sustainable fabrics.

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