What is Modal?

Modal is a semi-synthetic textile made from cellulose from beech wood. The modified spinning process of this fabric creates longer cellulose molecules with better properties. This makes Modal an improved version of Viscose.

In this blog you will read all about Modal fabric. We will tell you more about the pros and cons, how to wash Modal and why modal is a suitable fabric to print your design on.

What kind of fabric is modal?

Modal feels soft, is smooth and similar to Silk in texture. That is why the fabric is often called Viscose. Modal has a luxurious feel, but has the benefits of Cotton.

Modal has artificial fibers that comes from natural resources. The fabric is made by spinning the cellulose from the beech tree.

The advantages of modal

Modal fabric has many advantages. In some aspects it even surpasses Cotton!

  • A big advantage of Modal is the wear comfort. The smooth and soft fabric feels very comfortable.
  • In addition, Modal is a breathable fabric that absorbs 50% more moisture than Cotton. So the fabric does not feel sweaty or sticky.
  • Modal is also easy to dye, as it requires less energy and chemicals than Cotton, for example.
  • Modal fabric lasts a long time: the fabric maintains its color for a long time, does not shrink and the fabric does not pill after friction.
  • Modal is a very durable fabric. The beech wood used for Modal comes from sustainably managed forests. Also, beech trees require less water than cotton plants, for example.

The disadvantages of Modal

Although the advantages of Modal far outweigh its disadvantages, the fabric also has some lesser characteristics. For example, the material can wrinkle and Modal stretches more than other fabrics. However, this does not outweigh the many positive characteristics of Modal fabric.

Washing and treating Modal fabric

Modal is easy to wash and maintain. 100% Modal fabric can be washed and treated like cotton. You can wash it in almost every water temperature, so you can also wash it hot at 60°C. In addition, Modal can be put in the dryer on a low temperature. You should always take into account the type of clothing you want to wash. Therefore, always check the label of the clothing first to make sure you are washing the fabric properly.

A more sustainable substitute for modal fabric

Nowadays, however, there are more durable alternatives to Modal fabric. For example, a good substitute is Tencel fabric from the brand Lenzing. This fabric is more sustainable than Modal fabric because less chemicals and water are used in its production. Would you like to print your own unique design on Tencel fabric? Then House Of U is here to help you. Our Tencel fabric is of high quality, sustainable and long lasting. In our design generator you can upload your design and have it printed on our fabric. Whether you have a cool shirt in mind or a pillowcase to be printed, House Of U offers endless possibilities.

Still in doubt? Ask for advice

Not sure if the fabric fits the design you have in mind? Then feel free to contact us. We will gladly provide you with personal advice so that you can choose the right fabric for your project.

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