What are eco fabrics?

Eco fabrics are sustainable fabrics in the broadest sense of the word. Ecological fabrics are manufactured with a minimal impact on the environment, or with as little as possible use of water and chemicals. Moreover, production takes place in sustainable, closed production systems.

You are probably familiar with terms such as organic cotton, eco textiles and eco cotton. But the terms do not always say something about whether these fabrics are actually biological fabrics.

Why choose ecological fabrics?

Sustainability is a high priority at House of U. We therefore take social responsibility with our range of fabrics. We choose for biological fabrics with minimal impact on people and the environment. This ensures that you buy 'fair' fabrics from us.

Are you looking for printable fabrics with minimal impact on the environment? Then choose our sustainable fabrics, such as those from Tencel and EcoVero.

Eco fabrics: a summary

In this blog, many terms have been mentioned regarding biological fabrics. We have also explained the production process.

Here is a short summary of that:

  • Eco fabrics are manufactured with minimal impact on people and the environment.
  • For eco fabrics, minimal use is made of water and chemicals.
  • The production of eco fabrics takes place in closed production systems.
  • House of U chooses for biological fabrics that meet ecological and social conditions.

Order eco fabrics directly

Do you want to be assured that your design is sustainably responsible? Then order your fabric of your choice directly via the print fabric page. Filter on "Eco / organic" and see there: our complete range of eco fabrics, including prices per meter.

Do you still find it difficult to choose and would you rather see and feel our fabrics first? Then order the fabric swatches you want. Or you can order our complete fabric book or the Eco Fabric Kit, which contains all our sustainable fabrics.

Order our fabric book Order our Eco fabric kit

Do you have any questions about our ecological fabrics? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Also read our other blogs if you want to know more about different fabric types.


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