Print Unlimited is now called House of U

THE NETHERLANDS – Print Unlimited, the Digital Textile Printing House of exclusive fabrics for the international fashion and interior design market, will get a new name as of 20 March 2019: House of U. With this new name and a style overhaul the company in Someren will focus even more closely on partnerships with fashion designers and designers all over the world.

A new name that matches the new mission and vision of the company -  that was the idea of the repositioning of the textile printer in Someren. ‘The new business strategy demanded a thorough repositioning, so that we can present our company increasingly as a strong, inspiring and attractive brand. With the name House of U we are now ready to conquer the international fashion market.’ 

High quality requirements
With House of U we want to focus increasingly on national and international fashion designers who are keen to surprise their customers with unique printed fabrics. ‘House of U is one of the few textile printers in the world that can meet the high quality requirements these designers demand.’ House of U is already in partnership with dozens of international fashion and interior designers. ‘A number of global stars have been dressed in our printed fabrics, as well as members of the Royal Family.’ 

Order online
House of U is also there for the new generation of designers who like to design their clothes or fashion accessories in small, unique runs. ‘On our new website you can order fabrics with your own unique pattern very easily and without minimum order quantity. You can select the fabric, upload your design and place your order. The unique fabric will then be delivered to your home within eight working days.’

Print Unlimited
After an intensive period that included a restructuring, Print Unlimited relaunched in 2018. Screen printing was abandoned, and the business started focusing on digital printing. And the company has done very well. Fashion and interior designers from all over the world are now finding their way to the Printing House for Fashion in Someren.

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