Make your own bag: our tips and inspiration!

You can do anything with the design of a bag. Classy, trendy or just cool: you can give it your own twist. In this blog we'll explain step by step how to make a bag. How to proceed, what do you need and which fabrics are suitable?

From idea to design

First things first: the idea of the bag. First think about the type of bag you want to make and the requirements it must meet. Do you want to make a bag that can hold a lot of things, or should the bag be primarily a stylish accessory? Also think about the model of the bag: will it be a shoulder bag, a shopper or a backpack?

Once you have a clear idea of what your bag is going to look like, it's a lot easier to pick out fabrics and other accessories later on in the creation process. There is a lot of choice, so it's nice if you've already narrowed it down a bit. Do you come up with better ideas in the meantime? You can always change your plans.

Picking the fabrics for your bag

Time to choose fabrics! Commonly used fabrics for bags are cotton, canvas and polyester. The advantage of these fabrics is that they are sturdy, which is important because the bag will have to carry a certain weight. Also, the mentioned fabrics are easy to process with the sewing machine. Especially when making a bag, this is a good thing. There is usually a lot of sewing involved.

At House of U we have the above mentioned fabrics in different compositions and weaves. All these fabrics are of high quality, made of sustainable materials and remain beautiful for a long time.

Do you like to work with recycled materials from a sustainability point of view? Then choose one of our fabrics from the U-circular line.

Creation by Azimi AND David, used fabric: Cotton Canvas Eco

Accessories and reinforcement for your bag

Depending on the type of bag you are making, you will also need accessories and reinforcements. These include:

  • Handles
  • Bag bottom
  • Closures (such as magnetic closures, buckles or zippers)
  • Rhinestones or studs

For making a simple bag, these accessories may not be necessary. Want to make a more exclusive bag? Then they are perfect as a finishing touch!

Creation by Basso & Brooke, used fabric: Silk Satin 19 m/m

Making a bag from fabric: how do you do it?

Once you've gathered all the supplies together, it's time to get to work. But how do you make a bag from fabric?

We recommend starting with making a simple bag. Think about making a canvas bag or a bag of cotton. On Pinterest you'll find several fun ideas and easy patterns for this. For example, choose a fabric with your favorite print and make a nice casual tote bag out of cotton. Want to know how to make a tote bag? You can find several designs for that on Pinterest as well.

Another great idea: design a cotton or canvas bag with your own brand logo. You can easily upload your logo and have it printed on the fabric. Great to use for your own promotion!

Creation by Rop van Mierlo & Kim van de Veerdonk, used fabric: Cotton Half Panama

How do you make a lining in a bag?

Once the base of your bag is finished you can finish it off with a lining if you want. How do you do that?

The basics work as follows:

  1. Choose the fabric you are going to use as a lining. Thin, smooth fabrics such as satin, EcoVero viscose or polyester are suitable for this purpose
  2. Measure the depth and inside perimeter of the bag
  3. Cut the fabric to the right size
  4. Sew the lining to the inside of the bag. Make sure you attach all the ends at the right points. And voilà!

Get started with making your own bag

Are you excited to make your own bag after reading this article? House of U is a digital printing company of fabrics for the international fashion and interior design market. We offer all the fabrics you need for your project: sustainably made and of good quality.

Upload your design in the design generator and order your fabrics directly. Do you have any questions about our fabrics or would you like advice? Feel free to contact us.

Custom printed fabric at House of U

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Do you still find it difficult to choose and would you rather see and feel our fabrics first? Then order the fabric swatches you want. Or you can order our complete fabric book or the Eco Fabric Kit, which contains all our sustainable fabrics.

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If you still can't quite figure it out, or if you still have questions, we will be happy to help you personally. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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