EcoVero is perfect for sustainable designers

EcoVero is the perfect fabric for clothing designers who consciously choose for sustainability. The production process of the fabric is more environmentally friendly then regular viscose.

By choosing EcoVero you contribute to a sustainable solution. It ensures less CO2 emissions and a cleaner planet.

In addition, the fabric is silky soft, luxurious and very comfortable to wear. The light weight and beautiful shine make EcoVero the perfect fabric for designing summer clothes.

Time to learn more about this fabric.

How is EcoVero made?

EcoVero is made from wood pulp. Certified wood is used for making this fabric.

The chemicals used to convert the wood into pulp are being reused. This ensures that the production of EcoVero, compared to the production of ‘regular’ viscose, emits 50% less CO2.

It also saves half on water and energy consumption and the bleaching process is free of chlorine.

Be careful when drying the fabric

However, the disadvantage of the fabric is that it shrinks fairly quickly. So pay attention to the washing instructions.

Wash the fabric at 30 degrees and do not dry it too hot. Otherwise, the fabric may shrink.

Advantages of EcoVero fabric

  • Conscious use of certified wood
  • Less clothing waste by maintaining quality
  • Production process is free of chlorine
  • The most durable Viscose fabric worldwide
  • Silky soft, stylish and ideal for summer fashion items

EcoVero fabric is ideal to use for

  • Blouses
  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Interior fabrics

Sustainable fabrics for clothing designers

Unfortunately, clothing is increasingly seen as a disposable product in recent years. And that is a shame.

We see clothing as a pure fashion product where clothing designers work on with passion. And even after a number of washes (at 30 degrees) it remains of good quality for a long time. This ensures less clothing waste.

Fortunately, more and more clothing designers see the importance of a positive progress in this area.

Something to think about

The above advantages for using EcoVero give something to think about. That is why we work together with our Austrian partner Lenzing, an environmentally friendly fabric manufacturer from Austria.

The sustainable fashion brands are also behind this positive initiative. It is expected that the fabric will be seen more often in the coming years.

Why we choose EcoVero

House of U combines over 30 years of experience in digital printing with extensive knowledge of fabrics. We know where the fabric comes from and strive for sustainable fabrics every day. We do this to make you succeed as a clothing designer and to let fashion shine.

In this way we positively contribute to the creation of amazing fashion items.

Print EcoVero fabric

As a clothing designer you transform EcoVero fabrics into amazing fashion items. Colour comes to life and the personalization makes it even more your own.

We provide pixel-precise printing and do not produce more than necessary. We print your unique design from 1 meter.

Order EcoVero fabric today and upload your design in our design generator. You can also order a print sample first!

Want to know more about EcoVero?

Do you want to make amazing fashion items of sustainable EcoVero fabric? Choose wisely/consciously and make the difference.

Do you still have questions about EcoVero after reading this blog? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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