Hi everyone,

In the last few days all of a sudden the world looks completely different. Lock Downs, Schools closed down and even restaurants and public places are being shut down. We feel like we are in a movie..

Many parents now are working from home and their kids are getting bored. Since I am also a father of 2 young boys, I recognise this situation and I was thinking if we could do something for the kids at home.

With our Creative Team from House of U, we were thinking this week how we could contribute somehow to the society. And we came up with an amazing idea for your kids to get Creative!

They can draw their own T-shirt or Dress, make a picture of your kids creation and send it to us. When you mail us your kids creation you have a chance that we are going to print your kids drawing on our Recycled Fabrics and we will make a real Dress or a T-shirt for your kid!

Design your own dress or t-shirt and WIN a real dress or t-shirt with your own creation!
We hope you will appreciate this promotion and we invite you all to join this competition!

Let's get Creative! And Take Care Out There ❤

Your creation can ben send until Monday, 27th of April.
The winners will be announced on our Online Channels and we will get in contact with them by e-mail.

Get inspired in your mailbox