How do I know the costs?
The costs of the order depends on several factors including the fabric you choose, the amount of meters, the production time and the shipping method.
If you select a fabric within the webshop, the starting prices will be shown. These prices decrease as you buy more meters or take a longer production time. If you want to have several designs to print on one fabric, the webshop will automatically add up the ordered meters of each design to determine the end price.

Besides the printing costs, a customer also pays the shipping costs. The costs of the shipment depends on several factors including the quantity to be sent and the selected shipping method. The prices of the fabrics are shown excluding the VAT-amount. Depending on whether the customer has to pay VAT, the VAT will be added before final payment.

Do you offer discount on large orders?
Yes, as you can see in the webshop, we have embedded the prices of different quantities. The price per meter goes down in larger orders and if you chose a production time that takes longer. Are you planning to order larger quantities than you can order through our webshop? Please contact us via the contactform, or e-mail us.

Who pays the customs fee?
The shipping costs do not include a customs fee. Any fees of this kind will be directly charged to you.

What are the costs for a shipment?
When you are placing your order, you can directly see how much it will cost. Express is the fastest shipment we offer, but it is therefore also more expensive. If you would like the normal shipment method, please select Economy. The third option would be a pick-up at our company. Before you finalize your order, you'll see the shipping costs of the order that is in your shopping cart at that time.