Arno Camps

Born in Belgium in 1999, Arno creates his designs with the goal of conveying a message to viewers. In 2022, Arno graduated in fashion and is now continuing his studies in sculpture at KASK in Ghent.

My inspiration comes from the concept I am working on at the time. Often this is about me as a person. I often manipulate and overwork images until I get the right result. Furthermore, I am currently experimenting more with painting and drawing, these I scan in to combine with further digital images to obtain my own "digital paintings" as I call them. In some cases these are printed on fabric to be incorporated into installations or framed as a real painting to explore boundaries.

Sustainability is something very important. If everyone does their part, we can make change. If nothing is done, things quickly get worse. I hope this will be looked at more and more in the future by large chains of fast fashion. The fabric and clay industry is one of the most polluting, so it's nice to see that people are still thinking about the future.