Sophia Bentoh Fashion Stylist

She gets her inspiration from everything around her: art, nature, music, movie, or use of colour. She is born in Togo (west Africa) and therefore, colourful and geometric shapes are a basic element in her work. Combined with her love for athletics, her clothes will always exude a sense of dynamism. This can also be seen in her campaign shoot.

She thinks especially in fashion, should set a good example of how to be more sustainable with our products, their production and the raw materials˞. But transport and packaging also come into play. She is also against mass production and hope that more and more companies will start producing on demand. The fashion industry is in so many ways the most polluting, more needs to be done about that.

Photography: Mark Groeneveld,
Hair & make up: Clayton Leslie @ Frank Agency,
Model: Bibi @ Ulla Models. 
Credits photo interior: collaboration furniture upholstery Sarah Doyer



Sophia Bentoh
Stoffe verwendet
Mark Groeneveld